In the age of shock television and outrageous reality shows, Today in America stands apart from this fad and plunges into the heart of mainstream America. Today in America was the brainchild of Producers who always hoped to create exceptional stories on unique individuals and businesses. Created exclusively for Terry Bradshaw to host, Today in America appeals to a broad audience. It captures the era of the changing economic times and digs into the knowledge and passion of each of its Featured Guests. The show’s writers specialize in crafting immersive stories. “Viewers will be excited to see that we’ve gone beyond the typical news stories. From the moment we launched the series, we knew that we were telling stories that would get noticed” said Vice President of Production, Jim Nicholas. “These are stories about experts who have the ability to share first-hand insights with our viewers.”

Far from being exclusive to any one field, Today in America successfully blends business news stories, lifestyle features and in-depth interviews with doctors, scientists, inventors, business owners, philanthropists and newsmakers from a variety of industries. Today in America is the first show of its genre hosted by Terry Bradshaw that’s geared towards the educated, affluent viewer. Based on viewer feedback, the show has spawned interest, inquiries and practical applications.

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Today in America provides an open invitation for all those who wish to tune-in to learn something new. As viewers enjoy the familiar voice of Terry Bradshaw telling each and every story, they should beware. They may not want to stop watching. Even if they’re just remotely interested in a certain subject, they’ll owe it to themselves to learn something new. In fact, viewers find they are learning the latest information right along with Terry himself! Terry had a chance to reflect on recent segments this past season and shared his thoughts. “I’m learning so much myself! I love how each story is so informative. You literally learn something new with each episode”. And that is exactly what Producers want to keep doing. “Viewers can’t get any closer than having this inside track” said Executive Producer, Paul Scott. “What they see on our show is what’s really happening out there in the business world. It’s an armchair seat!”

By covering the best new practices and the overall evolution of so many up-and- coming industries, it’s no wonder that the show is thriving. Today in America producers won a combined 12 Telly Awards in 2010. The show is filmed on-location in cities around the world and also filmed and produced at United States Media Television’s studios in Coral Springs, Florida. Along with Host Terry Bradshaw, Today in America combines a team of talented producers, writers, editors and broadcast professionals to deliver television programming that is unparalleled in the industry. Today in America airs during the day on a variety of well-known news networks throughout the United States and Canada.

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